Data protection is complicated and expensive. These experts say it doesn’t have to be.

By: Christina Southern on May 12, 2020 5:37:19 PM

shutterstock_700328920Our data protection experts have seen it all. Some of the greatest struggles they say clients face are extremely complex backup software to manage daily processes or limited budgets that force IT professionals to backup to unsecured storage targets that aren’t purpose-built backup appliances.

We've asked our top data protection experts to share how businesses can  overcome these obstacles with the Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance. But first, let's meet the experts: 

David May-1-Dell EMC’s David May has 25 years in the IT space focusing on networking, security, and data protection. He has been specializing in data protection for Dell EMC for the past two years.

-C Spire Senior Systems Engineer Chuck Burroughs is VMware certified (VCP) and has earned numerous Dell Chuck BurroughsEMC certifications and credentials during his 20 years of experience.

-C Spire’s Jason Sikes is an EMC BRS Technical Architect who designs and implements Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions for businesses of all size. He also has jason sikes-120 years of experience in IT.

Now let’s jump into their data protection advice:

Why is data protection a struggle for businesses?

Most solutions are clunky and hard to manage. Older, more traditional backup solutions involved multiple components, often from different vendors, that have to be configured to work together. Perhaps a software stack from one company, with a tape device from a second, followed by an offsite copy to a third company. Integrating all these components into a single solution like Dell IDPA provides for ease of administration and support.

What could happen if data isn’t protected well?

Ransomware. Data-devouring, reputation-destroying, time-consuming ransomware. A few years back, David says he worked with a company that had a limited IT budget and the backup administrator was forced to purchase a Dell competitor’s inexpensive software writing to a cheap & deep storage target as a CIFS share. Attackers were able to compromise their servers, storage and backup data, forcing the customer to pay the ransom. They dealt with lost revenue, incident response issues, legal ramifications, lost productivity and brand damage.

What are the main problems Dell IDPA solves for businesses?

All three experts agreed that these are the four greatest benefits:

  • Ease of use is important since many companies don’t have a dedicated IT person to manage backups as their sole responsibility. Here’s a quick glimpse into how the solution makes data protection easier for an IT team:
    • Once the backup datasets, and policies and retention are setup, businesses can view everything from a single dashboard to ensure data can be restored.
    • Ability to set up automated backup policies in case a department adds another virtual machine.
    • Ability to manage both on-premise workloads and cloud-based workloads from the appliance.
  • It future proofs cloud use-case by supporting all cloud replication, cloud-tiering and cloud disaster recovery.
  • Scale without operational disruption since the appliance ships with hardware capacity that you can unlock via software licensing, serving a “pay as you grow” business model. 
  • Top security measures: The appliance supports both in-flight and data-at-rest encryption as well as DD Boost, which is a more efficient and secure backup protocol. It also supports Cyber Recovery to protect customers against ransomware.

What makes the application better than others on the market?

  • Simplicity with combined hardware and software in one appliance. 
  • The Dell IDPA deduplication rate drives down the total cost to protect. Our average deduplication ratio is over 35:1. Most of our competitor’s average 5:1, forcing customers to purchase 7x the landing capacity, which is the most expensive cost related to data protection. This cost grows exponentially if the same customer sends a replicated copy of their data to a cloud provider.
  • Our cyber recovery provides a true “air gap” architecture, following FBI, Homeland Security and Sheltered Harbor guidelines.  Plus, once the data lands inside the protected vault, we can analyze each file for malware, turning your backup solution from a defensive/recovery posture into an offensive strategy. 

IDPA Webinar on May 21

Join David, Chuck and Jason on May 21 at 10 a.m. CST for a webinar where they will give a more in-depth look at the Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance. You will learn the answers to these three questions:

  • How does the application help minimize daily backup responsibilities?
  • What are my cloud options for the future?
  • How can I protect my backups from ransomware?

NOTE: Space is limited so please register soon.



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