How 5G keeps business data more secure

By: Steve Skibba on May 30, 2024 3:51:43 PM


In today’s fast-paced digital world, business owners face increasing challenges securing their communications. The good news is, the introduction of 5G wireless service has revolutionized how your business can safeguard its sensitive information. 

With a business wireless plan powered by a robust, nationwide 5G network, small businesses now have access to superior security measures, enhanced flexibility and local customer support tailored to meet the unique needs of their operations.

Let’s explore why 5G is the preferred choice for business communication and security.

Advanced security and encryption
You may not be a cybersecurity expert. But there are several encryption protocols that 5G uses to improve security. Things like the Subscription Permanent Identifier (SUPI) and the Subscription Concealed Identifier (SUCI). Unlike the previous generation of networks, these protocols let 5G encrypt sensitive user information right from the device — significantly reducing the risks of identity theft and unauthorized network access.

What this means for your business is that information transmitted over the network, from client data to proprietary information, is secured against cyber threats. But there’s even another advantage: 5G further strengthens security with a new authentication framework, where the network ensures both the device and the network authenticate each other. The bottom line? 5G creates a dual layer of security that’s tough for cybercriminals to crack.

Customizable plans with nationwide coverage
The flexibility to mix and match plans according to specific business needs is essential for business owners. This flexibility, backed by the extensive coverage of a nationwide 5G network, ensures that your company — regardless of location — never has to compromise on security or quality of service. That’s a real advantage for businesses with remote teams or those in areas where coverage traditionally has been weak.

And when you have local customer support structured around the needs of community-based businesses, it ensures that help is always on hand. This localized approach not only enhances the customer service experience, but also ensures that support teams have a better understanding of your regional challenges and needs and provide solutions that are both relevant and immediately effective.

Enhanced cybersecurity and network management
With the vast speed improvements of 5G over 4G, small businesses benefit from quicker threat detection and resolution times. This speed, combined with the ability to handle an increased number of connection points, allows cybersecurity professionals like the team at C Spire to manage and secure networks more efficiently. What’s more, 5G supports advanced cybersecurity technologies like AI and blockchain, which help future-proof your wireless security.

The use of network slicing in 5G also enhances security by allowing the creation of essentially separate networks that can be customized for security needs, ensuring sensitive data can be handled in a more secure environment. So, you can do business knowing your operational data is protected against a broad spectrum of cyber threats.

Better now and in the future
5G wireless service is more than just a massive upgrade in speed and connectivity — it’s a significant leap forward in terms of security and flexibility for your business. When choosing a business wireless plan that utilizes 5G technology, you’re not only enhancing your ability to communicate and operate efficiently, but also significantly boosting your cybersecurity. At a time when data breaches and cyber threats are on the rise, upgrading to 5G is an essential step for any small business looking to secure its digital future.

C Spire offers a range of nationwide 5G business wireless plans. Find the one that’s right for you here.

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