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By: Christina Southern on Apr 16, 2014 5:57:47 AM
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TekLinks is a Designated Cisco Certified  Cloud Builder and Cloud Provider. TekLinks is a Designated Cisco Certified Cloud Builder and Cloud Provider.


Did you know that more and more businesses are moving to the cloud - and it's not just their data, but their voice, video, and web conferencing as well?  In 2012 hosted collaborative applications grew to over $2.6 billion in revenue within the U.S. SaaS market - which means that cloud services are all but universally recognized as the best way to enable and accelerate business growth in the post-digital age.  Businesses large and small are discovering that cloud technology allows your business to get back to what's important: working and communicating with people to get the job done, regardless of what devices or hardware you may be using at the time.



The cloud also encourages innovation, streamlines workflow, and boosts overall productivity due to the kind of operational elasticity and scalability it adds to your organization. That's why, several years ago, we chose to partner with Cisco, the established leader in data center and cloud architecture, to power all the cloud services we deliver out of our data centers.  And now we're teaming up with Cisco again to bring you the very best in enterprise-grade voice technology: TekVoice Enterprise with Cisco HCS.



The Short of It: TekVoice Enterprise is a managed Cisco VoIP telephony solution hosted directly out of a dedicated TekLinks cloud environment to organizations with 250 or more users. Say goodbye to budgeting for an expensive telecom upgrade for your business every 3-5 years. We're operationalizing your CapX, and we're doing it better than you could ever do yourself.  Moving your voice to the cloud means lowering your IT budget each year, centralizing maintenance and support, and equipping your employees with evergreen technology that empowers them to collaborate, innovate, and succeed on a day-to-day basis.



The Long of It: To keep this particular post a 5-minute read, please follow this link to get the details.



If you're looking to get out of the phone business, and get back to focusing on your bottom line, call us today. Your voice is your brand - so take your brand to the next level with our collaborative cloud solutions.



For more information, call us at 205.314.6600, email our sales team, or fill out our General Inquiries form.



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