Making IT Work for Business: Trudy Phillips Consulting

By: Christina Southern on Apr 26, 2016 12:07:33 PM
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Trudy Phillips
Trudy Philips

Trudy Phillips owns a small consulting business in Birmingham. With more than 30 years of experience, she spends most her days helping entrepreneurs leverage new strategies for success. Except for one painful day several years ago.

On that day, Trudy spent hours worrying about a crashed computer and all of her information stored on it. “My whole life is on that computer,” she said.

So the owner of Trudy Phillips Consulting reached out to a man who offered IT support. “Once he had my computer working properly, he said, ‘I work for a company that can provide regular backups so that if you have a problem again, all of your information will be saved and easily restored.’”

That was the beginning of a 9-year relationship with TekLinks that has only improved with time. “I tell people about them all the time. TekLinks is the best company I’ve ever dealt with. Those guys treat me like I have a million-dollar business when I need help.”

In October 2014, Trudy called on the expertise of TekLinks’ techies once again. Her laptop had been taken over by virus due to a malicious email. “I had ordered something online the day before and then I received an email about my shipping address from that same company the next day. I responded to it, and 20 minutes later my mouse was moving by itself. I shut down my computer and called TekLinks.”

TekLinks restored her laptop with its backup service, and Trudy is now using their email services to manage and protect her digital communications. All three of her email addresses are filtered through TekLinks' servers, which weed out spam and potential malware fishing emails.

"TekLinks makes me better organized, saves me time, and I’m less likely to open emails with malware. I sleep well at night knowing I’m secure,” Trudy said.

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