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By: C Spire on Jul 11, 2023 3:50:08 PM

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Collaboration is essential for your business to succeed. Whether it's developing a new product, launching a marketing campaign, or solving a customer problem, collaboration enables teams to work together faster and better organized.

However, collaboration can also be challenging, especially when hybrid teams are working across different locations and time zones. To overcome these obstacles, businesses often rely on a variety of platforms to communicate, share information, and manage projects.

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The problem with too many tools

Using multiple programs for collaboration may seem like a good idea at first. Different tools have different features and functions that meet a variety of needs and preferences. But using too many can also create unforeseen problems. These include:

  • Increased costs and complexity. Maintaining multiple tools can be expensive for you and complicated for your IT department. They will be burdened with licensing fees, software updates, compatibility issues, security risks, and end user support. A 2023 Microsoft study reports 64% of the nearly 4,000 professionals surveyed don’t believe their collaboration software integrates well with their organization’s systems and processes.

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  • Reduced productivity. The Microsoft study shows that 59% of those surveyed said their collaboration tools are not aligned with how their teams prefer to work. They must remember which application to use for specific tasks, and how to access and navigate each one efficiently. They may also encounter duplicated, missing, or outdated data, and inconsistent formats. All these factors can impact employee productivity.
  • Poor experience and engagement. Additionally, the Microsoft study indicates that 72% of professionals wish their tools were compatible with one another so they could more easily work together across teams. Switching between multiple tools can be distracting and frustrating for employees. They may find it hard to navigate and use the tools effectively. They could also feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and notifications they receive. The lack of a common platform could also make them feel disconnected from their coworkers.

Now that the benefits of streamlining your platforms are clear, it’s time to consider which collaboration solution is right for your business.



How to choose the right collaboration solution

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