How a smart WiFi router will make your business internet better

By: Jim Beaugez on Jan 24, 2024 10:19:22 AM


The conversation around business internet commonly centers on speed, bandwidth and reliability. These are all worthy metrics. But there’s another very important, yet less appreciated, quality to consider: accessibility.

Conventional WiFi routers cover the basic necessity of providing a wireless internet connection that can handle traffic from multiple devices around the office or place of business. They provide some security measures to protect the network and provide internet access to employees wherever they are inside the office. But they won’t cover everywhere, and they can get overwhelmed by too much traffic.

Neither of those scenarios benefit the productivity of your business or your customers’ satisfaction. But a smart WiFi router—taking advantage of mesh technology, which provides more complete WiFi coverage, and the ultra-fast, high-capacity WiFi 6 protocol—can alleviate these internet issues and more.

Here are three additional reasons to upgrade your business router.

Collaboration is easy wherever you go
Sure, “productivity” and “collaboration” are perennial watchwords in the corporate world, and with good reason. Businesses that value the best-sourced solutions encourage their employees to work together. A smart WiFi router allows them to connect their laptops, tablets, smartphones and other wireless devices seamlessly, promoting mobility and collaboration within the workplace.

It’ll make your internet more secure
The frequency of business cyberattacks is increasing at an alarming rate, and it’s a global issue. Smart WiFi routers come with advanced security features, such as encryption protocols (WPA3), firewalls and VPN support, helping to protect your business network from unauthorized access and potential cyber threats. Plus, you can set up separate guest access to keep your network secure.

Improved network capacity and faster data transfer
Adoption rates of WiFi 6 routers have increased steadily along with the availability of routers and devices that support the protocol, including smartphones beginning with iPhone 11, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. These routers can send more information with each data transfer, and with increased speed—up to 40 percent faster than WiFi 5 (802.11ac).

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