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Jim Beaugez is a C Spire communications strategist with 15 years of professional writing experience.

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Five ways government agencies can fight cyberattacks

By: Jim Beaugez on Jun 11, 2024 4:35:45 PM

Cities are getting smarter — and as a consequence, they’re also getting more susceptible to cyberattacks than ever before.

Underscoring this problem is the magnitude of investment governments are making in their IT networks. According to a 2020 report, investment in smart technologies by cities alone is expected to reach $327 billion by 2025. With more city and state governments becoming more connected, the threats of exposure to cyberattacks will continue to grow.

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How an AI assistant can put bad meetings behind you

By: Jim Beaugez on Jun 4, 2024 9:44:12 AM

Sometime in the last few years, the inconveniences created by some virtual communications became so common they turned into meme-worthy transgressions.

We’re talking about those network interruptions that freeze faces and cause voices to truncate and disappear mid sentence — not to mention the distracting background noises bleeding over from a co-worker logging in from a corner café.

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How scalable, end-to-end IT solutions can drive digital transformation in communities

By: Jim Beaugez on May 28, 2024 9:16:18 AM

What will the cities of the future look like? You don’t have to wait to find out — digital transformation, along with rapidly developing technologies like AI, are already creating the connected cities we’ve long envisioned.

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ROI for Financial IT: Facilitating uptime and growth when a minute of downtime can cost your firm $9k

By: Jim Beaugez on May 17, 2024 9:53:48 AM

The bottom line is always at the top of every business’s list of priorities. For IT departments, that means maximizing operational uptime and facilitating company growth.

That’s especially important when you consider a single minute of downtime can cost a financial institution $9,000 — an hourly rate of more than half a million dollars.

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How citywide fiber access and managed IT services from C Spire are helping Helena, Ala. grow

By: Jim Beaugez on May 14, 2024 9:54:23 AM

Before truly sustainable growth can occur, you first need a solid foundation. Helena, Alabama, a small city of 23,000 residents located 20 miles southwest of Birmingham, knows this better than most.

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E-Rate Update: FCC proposes new program to protect students, schools

By: Jim Beaugez on Apr 2, 2024 9:03:21 AM

For two decades, the Federal Communications Commission’s E-Rate program has provided school districts with billions in annual discounts on essential broadband services for schools and libraries nationwide.

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