How an AI assistant can put bad meetings behind you

By: Jim Beaugez on Jun 4, 2024 9:44:12 AM


Sometime in the last few years, the inconveniences created by some virtual communications became so common they turned into meme-worthy transgressions.

We’re talking about those network interruptions that freeze faces and cause voices to truncate and disappear mid sentence — not to mention the distracting background noises bleeding over from a co-worker logging in from a corner café.

Luckily, for our collective sanity, artificial intelligence (AI) holds the key to putting bad meetings behind us.

All audio transmitting over an internet connection is first run through a codec (compress + decompress) so it can move as quickly as possible and arrive in real time to the human ear. Often, though, the compression process, packet loss and latency degrade the quality of the sound.

According to Webex, even using a low-bitrate codec alone isn’t enough to implement a robust voice communication system. “To ensure outstanding audio quality and provide an exceptional user experience, the system must also address challenges such as noise removal, reverberation reduction, correction of microphone artifacts and resilience against network impairments, among others.”

AI-based coding like Webex’s AI Codec leverages artificial intelligence to overcome these challenges of real-time communications and common business scenarios such as virtual meetings and collaboration. Through AI, it can preserve speech intelligibility and clarity while removing background noises and transmission flaws.

Not only that, but it also provides real-time transcription and captioning, live translation for more than 30 languages, AI-driven video enhancements and generative AI messaging.

Interested in transforming your organization’s meeting productivity with advanced AI capabilities? C Spire Voice with Webex can put you on the right path. Learn more here.

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