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By: Christina Southern on Apr 3, 2019 10:57:35 AM

The C Spire Team. They help thousands of consumers and business professionals reach their goals each year.

The team's commitment to customer inspired service has created the most loyal customers in the nation, according to an independent study. So, we asked a few loyal customers to share the ways in which the team has helped them succeed or reach goals, and they delivered in a big way. Each of these stories makes it clear: Every C Spire team member - from the CEO to the part-time employee - is relentlessly dedicated to being inspired by you.

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Bo Miller
Director of IT at Belhaven University

“Technology today is far different than when I was in college. Today, students do everything electronic - write their papers, submit their papers, and teachers grade their papers electronically.

C Spire Business has met every need and requirement that we have. We’ve not asked for anything that they couldn’t provide yet.

They came to us and we were going to be the first college campus in the state of Mississippi to have C Spire fiber in the dorms. Installation was done before it was promised. Their speed to get circuits installed has been above expectations.

Service is great. They are easy to work with. They are here for us. I think as our needs grow, that C Spire will be able to meet our needs here at Belhaven.”


Bill Hetrick
Clinton, Mississippi

“I’m a real estate agent, and we’re expected to work pretty much 24/7. I need to be able to work from home or the office and be available whenever people need me.

I’m probably using a C Spire product 12 to 14 hours a day. We’ve all dealt with customer service departments at large companies. With C Spire, I can always get a live person who I know is local. I don’t have long waits. I don’t have to wait for a call back. I call, and I get somebody. I tell them my problem, and in the rare instance when I have had a more in-depth issue, they have had a technician at my house the next day. None of this, we will get to you next Tuesday – it’s not like that at all.”


Frances Jean Neely
Jackson, Mississippi

“Our family was at the beach, and I let my grandchildren play with my iPad. It was dropped on the tile and completely shattered.  I started looking around for help, and I did try a place. They told me it would be a week. Then I never heard from them, so I called, and they had forgotten to order my screen. A couple of days later I went to C Spire for help.

They said it would be a day or two, but just a few hours later I received a call that my iPad was repaired. I asked what happened. The C Spire rep said, ‘Well, I went out to our warehouse myself and found the screen and replaced it myself.’ On top of that, it cost less than I was originally told. Even though I wasn’t a C Spire customer, they were very eager to help me. After that experience, I will now become a customer.

I’m very hard to please. Rarely ever does someone exceed my expectations. And C Spire completely exceeded my expectations.”


Many Thanks

Simply put, we're honored. Honored you have recognized our customer-inspired approach to, well, everything. From the late-night calls helping a business customer during a hurricane, to the rep who explores every option to ensure a customer gets the best deal on the market. Everything we do is inspired by you.

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