Need a smarter, faster way to work remotely? Try Microsoft Office 365 with Teams.

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You have a job to do – even if it’s from your dining room table. But your office toolset has limited storage, minimal collaboration tools and lacks strong, comprehensive security measures. Collaboration and productivity from home is a struggle for thousands across the country who aren’t using  Microsoft Office 365.

The web-based office suite of apps can help you get the job done no matter where you are in the world or who you need to collaborate with. If you can connect to the internet, you can quickly connect with the files and people you need to be productive. The best part: Office 365 has advanced security features built in so you can relax knowing your data is backed by the industry’s leading security technology.


What is Microsoft Office 365 with Teams?

The Office 365 suite is a subscription service of office production tools that live in the Microsoft cloud, making it available to desktop and mobile devices. Teams, the world’s most powerful collaboration tool, is included in the suite. Along with the C Spire Business 24/7 support desk, the service comes with a gigantic 1TB of secure Microsoft cloud storage, where your apps and documents securely live. The Office 365 tools not only talk to each other, they allow quick sharing of files and real-time edits with your co-workers for better collaboration. Office 365’s most popular tools include:

teamsMicrosoft Teams. This robust collaboration tool brings people and content together with internal and external videoconferencing, workplace chats, meetings, notes and document sharing and storage. Watch the video.

outlookMicrosoft Outlook is a personal information manager that includes email, calendar, contact book and task manager. Eliminate the burden of managing your team’s email accounts when you subscribe to C Spire Business’ Office 365. Our 24/7 support desk will set up new employee accounts, delete old user accounts and dealing with all the email hassles in-between. Watch the video.

pptMicrosoft PowerPoint makes creating and sharing interactive presentations a breeze. PowerPoint incorporate images, sounds, videos, text and charts to create professional-quality presentations. Watch the video.

excelMicrosoft Excel is a powerful tool that helps you turn numbers into valuable, actionable data. This spreadsheet software allows you to organize, format and analyze numerical data. Watch the video.

Microsoft OneDrive. Store files and business-critical data in the Microsoft’s secure cloud. This tool allows you to sync files across onedriveAndroid, Windows Phone and iOS mobile devices and Windows and macOS computers. Access your data from any device, anywhere in the world. Watch the video.

What can it do for you?

On top of giving your remote team the ability to work from anywhere and on any device, Office 365 can help your business be more agile, secure and cost-effective. Here's how:


Gone are the days of needing to obtain and install new software and equipment for each new employee. With Office 365, simply add a license and your employee gains a login with full access to the suite. Need to remove a license? That’s simple, too. Growing and changing businesses need flexibility that Office 365 can provide.



Office 365 doesn’t have a year in its name because it is regularly updated with the latest version of Office. If you purchase Office 2019, you forever have that edition. Sure, you’ll get security updates, but not software updates that add new features or upgrade to the next year’s version. Eventually, Office will stop providing security patches for older versions, like they are doing soon with Office 2010.


Securing your data and conversations is a priority for Microsoft, which is why Office 365 with Teams meets key international, regional and industry-specific standards and terms, with more than 1,000 security and privacy controls, including:

  • Multi-factor authentication is an added layer of protection during the log-in process. If a cybercriminal did gain access to your password, he would also have to get past a second layer of protection, which can vary depending on your needs.
  • Encrypted email and Data Loss Prevention. With encrypted email, Office 365 makes sure no one other than your intended recipient can open and read your sent emails. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) ensures critical and sensitive information doesn’t get sent outside of your organization. This also applies to SharePoint, OneDrive, Excel and Word.

Are you ready for Microsoft Office 365?


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