Remote patient monitoring helps physicians overcome burnout

By: C Spire on Apr 5, 2021 11:03:00 AM

Burnout is a real problem in healthcare.

A survey conducted by Medscape pre-COVID-19 found that up to 50 percent of physicians experienced burnout, a reaction to stress marked by emotional exhaustion and other symptoms. Two-thirds of them were white-knuckling it, choosing to work through the fatigue and stress instead of seeking professional help.

And it’s getting worse. A follow-up survey by Medscape in September 2020 found 64 percent of physicians report more intense burnout than before the COVID-19 pandemic began and infected patients began seeking medical treatment. Some are even considering career changes or retiring early.


Stressors that contribute to burnout include trying to juggle increasing responsibilities at home and work, performing delicate procedures in chaotic environments, and time pressures. Overcrowded hospitals and uncertain patient outcomes due to the COVID-19 pandemic add to the stress.

But changing how we treat patients could alleviate the pressure COVID-19 and chronic illnesses put on physicians and the healthcare system.

Remote Patient Monitoring eases the strain

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) allows physicians to perform routine care of chronically ill patients without a physical visit to a clinic or hospital, redirecting space and resources from otherwise healthy patients to those with acute medical needs. By easing the strain on the system, the stress put on physicians will begin to lessen and with it, burnout.

Patients get personal, proactive treatment

RPM is proactive care, like putting a personal nurse at a patient's breakfast table every morning. Nurses monitor their patients’ vitals, answer health questions, and perform disease-specific analysis, while keeping their primary care physicians advised and in control of patients' well being. Patients get better service for their conditions, and caregivers are able to track health patterns and identify treatable problems before they become emergencies.

Fighting burnout begins here. Learn more about RPM.

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