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What can fiber do for your home?

By: C Spire on Feb 13, 2023 3:36:00 PM


Access to high-speed broadband internet enriches your life and allows you to stay connected to friends, family and the world. It keeps you working and your kids learning. But high-speed fiber internet is even more valuable than you may know.

Having fiber internet actually increases the value of your home. Where traditional cable and DSL extract money from you every month, fiber is an investment that gives value back to you. On average, fiber can add 3.1% to your home value, according to a study by the University of Colorado. That’s a nice bonus to have in your back pocket while you’re enjoying all the benefits of a lightning-fast fiber connection.

Gigabit internet speeds also make your work and leisure internet experience more enjoyable, whether you’re relaxing with a live game or movie, binging a new streaming series or gaming online with friends and family. They also allow smart devices to keep your home running efficiently and securely.

Learn more about what fiber-optic internet can do for your home here.


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