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Your tech to-do moving checklist

By: Steve Skibba on Apr 23, 2024 4:26:50 PM


Nowadays, technology is as essential to moving as boxes and tape. In fact, planning a successful move can take place entirely online. Even the smallest moving companies now have their own apps for estimating, scheduling, and communicating with you.

Which puts fiber home internet at the center of a smooth, hassle-free, and streamlined move. You don’t need your home internet to slow you down, or worse, go offline, when you’ve got what seems like a million-and-one things to do as your moving date approaches.

Here's why fiber internet is crucial to the entire moving process — at your current home, where you're making preparations, and of course, at your forever home.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
Okay, Benjamin Franklin probably wasn’t talking about moving. But he sure could’ve been. Because planning your move is step one, and it’s the most important one. Fast, reliable fiber home internet lets you research moving companies, prices and so much more. Of course, you can always collect and save used boxes, but if you’re packing your home yourself, you can easily purchase packing materials online and have them shipped right to your residence. Then there’s the big decision of selecting a moving company. Fiber-fast home internet lets you quickly compare companies and prices, schedule appointments with estimators, and lock-in your moving day.

Pro tip: Research customer reviews on Yelp, Google and the Better Business Bureau before deciding on a moving company. Lots of companies claim to offer great services, but the reality can sometimes be far different. And beware of dozens of fake five-star reviews — anyone who’s only posted one review, or reviews with the same language —these are all tip-offs a mover is less than reputable. Don’t let price be your only concern —if your belongings vanish or are damaged in transit, you’ll wish you had done more online research. And fiber-fast internet lets you do it. Because you want all your stuff to show up just the way it was in your old home.

What, no power?
A couple of weeks in advance of your move, there are some pretty important things you’ll need to do — and doing them with fiber-fast internet speeds up the process. Switching or signing up for electricity, water service and other basic utilities at your new address is key. Updating your mailing address can be done online, too. Sometimes people are so focused on packing, these essential services can get left to the last minute. But you’ll need them up and running the moment you walk in. And speaking of updating addresses, it’s smart to update your address on your favorite shopping sites and other sites you routinely visit.

Pro tip: Download some food delivery apps or update the delivery address on the ones you already have. After a long day of moving—with all your cooking utensils still packed away and an empty fridge — ordering a pizza when you arrive at your new home makes that first “new home dinner” quick.

Smarten up your smart home.
Believe it or not, the average homeowner now has as many as 17 smart devices, or in “tech speak,” IoT devices, in their residence. Smart doorbells. Smart lighting. Smart refrigerators. Alarm systems. Baby monitors. Pet monitors. Voice-controlled devices like Alexa or Google Assistant, and the list goes on. All of these will need to be set up at your new home.

Pro tip: Bring some order to the chaos. Collect all your smart-device apps in one folder on your laptop or phone. Then, go through them one by one, updating them as necessary. You’re moving into a new home, and you’ll want your smart devices activated as soon as possible. But internet bandwidth has its limits. So, with all of these smart devices running simultaneously, signing up for blazing-fast fiber home internet at your new address ensures they all work smoothly.


Fast, reliable internet with plenty of bandwidth is at the heart of a successful move. And fiber home internet gives you all of it, helping you not only plan your move, but getting your new home move-in ready.

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