Five fun things kids can do with smartphones this summer

By: Steve Skibba on Jun 4, 2024 9:04:34 AM


Summer’s here, and while smartphones can be distracting, encouraging your kids to use them for things besides social media can be educational — and more importantly, fun. Here are five ways your kids can use their smartphones all summer long.

Dive into educational games
School may be out, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Educational games are a great way to combine fun with learning. There are lots of kid-friendly apps that can make education enjoyable, covering subjects from math and science to languages and art. These games use colorful animations and interactive elements to teach basic skills like reading, writing and math. Language learning apps turn mastering a new language into a fun game, rewarding your kids’ progress with points and levels. Math-focused games blend role-playing elements with problem solving, making arithmetic exciting in a way that’s different from classroom education.

Unleash creative storytelling
Creative storytelling apps allow kids to dive into their imaginations and craft their own stories. These platforms enable children to draw, animate and narrate their own cartoons, honing their storytelling skills while enhancing their understanding of narrative structure and character development. Digital book creation tools provide a space for budding authors and illustrators to craft their own books, complete with text, images, and even audio. These activities encourage literacy and artistic expression, offering a fun and educational outlet for creativity.

Explore the wonders of science
Science exploration apps spark curiosity in young minds by connecting them to the world around them. Astronomy apps let kids explore the night sky, identifying stars, planets and constellations simply by pointing their smartphone at the sky. This activity fosters an interest in astronomy and helps children learn about the universe. Nature identification apps help kids recognize various plants, flowers and trees by taking photos of them — fostering curiosity about the natural world. These apps provide information about various species, encouraging your kids to discover the natural world, blending screen time with outdoor activities.

Challenge the mind with puzzles and strategy games
Okay, so puzzles and strategy games may not be as exciting as the latest videogame. But once kids dive into them, they’ll begin to enjoy the challenge. Puzzle games involving solving geometric recognition patterns let them advance level to level, just like a videogame — promoting critical thinking and spatial reasoning. Strategy games like chess can be fun, and by learning the rules and strategies, improves their problem-solving and strategic thinking skills. A major plus: games like these have been shown to enhance cognitive abilities — ideal for developing your kids’ minds.

It’s a big world — go discover it
Encouraging kids to explore nature can be both fun and educational. Treasure hunting and geocaching apps transform simple walks into adventurous quests, guiding kids to hidden "caches" placed by other users around the world using GPS. Each cache usually contains a logbook to sign and sometimes small trinkets to trade. This activity combines technology with outdoor exploration, promoting physical activity and problem-solving skills.

There’s more to phones than social media
Smartphones can be powerful tools for education and creativity. Introduce your kids to these fun and enriching activities, and all of a sudden, screen time turns into a productive and enjoyable experience. Watch your kids learn, create, and grow in ways you’ve never imagined by encouraging them to use their phones thoughtfully this summer.

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