Make your refund go further this tax season

By: Jim Beaugez on Mar 8, 2024 8:14:36 PM


Tax filing season is here — and for many of us, getting right with Uncle Sam can mean a windfall of cash to spend.

Just how much can you expect? The amount varies, of course, but to put things into perspective, the IRS issued more than 237 million refunds last year amounting to half a trillion dollars. And with a month and a half left before taxes are due for FY 2023, the average refund check so far is worth $3,207.

We’re here to help you stretch that refund as far as we can. Read on for some fun ways to invest that money in your digital footprint.

New phones for all
Now is the time to spring for the smartphone you’ve been pining over. The latest iPhone 15 has lots of fun photo features, like an all-new 48 megapixel camera with 2x zoom and the smarts to be able to turn a close-up shot of a person or pet into a portrait, automatically. Spring for the titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max to get a 5x telephoto lens, a slightly larger display, and the ability to record spatial videos to relive your best memories in 3D with Apple Vision Pro. (Honestly, it’s even cooler than that. Strap on those goggles and see your digital content blend seamlessly with your surroundings.)

There are also plenty of enticing under-the-hood features in the Samsung Galaxy S24, like “circle to search,” an AI-powered feature that allows you to circle objects and then search the internet for more information about them. You can also create slow-motion video from an existing video file recorded at normal speed and manipulate images with generative editing to automatically fill in the background after you delete something you don’t like. The Galaxy S24 Ultra does it all, too, but with 12GB of RAM (over 8GB), an integrated S Pen stylus and more.

You know what time it is
Smart watches are not only fun for grown ups, they’re a lifeline for parents with kids, as well. Some parents of younger kids choose a watch for their kid instead of a phone, giving them just enough connectivity to stay in touch with mom and dad but keeping their noses out of social media. The Apple Watch does all this and more. The latest model, the Apple Watch 9, comes with safety features like crash detection, fitness and health sensors, and a water- and dust-resistant casing. Fancy an Android OS instead? The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 will keep you moving in stride with its own fitness tracking, advanced health features, sleep coaching and more.

Listen up
Take your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks with you wherever you go. Browse this collection of wireless and Bluetooth audio accessories, including ear buds, mini loudspeakers and more. While you’re there, deck out your device with other accessories like cases, chargers and cables and stay connected in style.

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