Update from the C Spire Rural Broadband Consortium

By: C Spire on Dec 17, 2020 5:12:49 PM


While we’re not quite finished with the overall project, the C Spire Rural Broadband Consortium has been busy in the second half of 2020. Accomplishments include a Business Model White Paper, three completed case studies and a new article on the need for gigabit speeds. Here’s a closer look:

Every town needs gigabit-speed broadband

The Cosortium’s latest article explores how very high-speed broadband in rural communities can attract and retain businesses. We also look at mmWave - the only fixed wireless technology that can provide definitive Gigabit connections now and has the capacity to provide multi-Gigabit speeds in the future. Learn more here.

Business Model White Paper

consort white paper

The Consortium’s third white paper, 3rd Party Enablement Business Models for Rural Broadband, focuses on rural broadband business modeling - expounding on the third-party engagement model previously introduced in example market case studies. This paper highlights business challenges of rural broadband and suggests ways to improve on the standard, urban-focused business approach through innovative enablement models and tool improvements intended to reduce time and cost for all parties. Learn more here.

3 new case studies

consort business models pageOur three new case studies focus on how to increase rural broadband availability through community and business partnerships. You’ll learn real-world examples of how different technologies and business models can be combined in a market-specific manner to reduce cost for all parties. Learn more here.

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