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Jim Beaugez

Jim Beaugez is a C Spire communications strategist with 15 years of professional writing experience.

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Welcome to the fiberhood — now, what’s a fiberhood?

By: Jim Beaugez on Jun 12, 2024 9:32:25 AM

Many of us live in planned neighborhoods in our cities and towns across the southeastern U.S. That’s easy enough to grasp. But what’s a fiberhood?

The simple answer: Imagine your own neighborhood but with C Spire Fiber access, and voila! You’re now in a fiberhood, and your life is about to get a whole lot more fun and convenient.

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Yes, fiber internet can even save you money

By: Jim Beaugez on May 10, 2024 10:49:06 AM

Consumers today have their pick of home internet flavors.

If you want cheap and slow, then old-school DSL is for you. If you’ve toyed with streaming media but haven’t fully jumped into the present day, maybe you’d be inclined to choose coax cable. Fixed wireless will get you closer, but lacks in reliability, latency and more.

The only way, then, to truly experience all the possibilities of the internet — endless streaming of high-quality movies, TV and music, low-latency online gaming, and bandwidth to handle the biggest family reunion — is with future-proof, high-bandwidth fiber.

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What is symmetrical home internet, and why do I need it?

By: Jim Beaugez on Apr 29, 2024 3:14:57 PM

“Symmetrical” sounds like a big thing, and for internet users, it is. But it’s not complicated.

Having a symmetrical internet signal means the download and upload speeds are about the same, and it’s important for the two-way communication we expect from modern internet and devices.

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How Native Coffee keeps its customers wired and connected to WiFi

By: Jim Beaugez on Apr 26, 2024 4:11:46 PM

Native Coffee in Jackson, Mississippi keeps its clientele wired with specialty coffees, while C Spire Fiber keeps its WiFi buzzing all day and night.

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Fixed wireless vs. fiber internet: A head-to-head matchup

By: Jim Beaugez on Apr 18, 2024 10:08:19 AM

In the battle for internet dominance, many contenders have risen to the challenge of bringing high-speed internet to our homes.

Some methods of internet access, like dial-up, are long gone. Similarly, DSL and satellite are internets of last resort, lacking the speed and latency needed for streaming, gaming and high usage from multiple devices. Cable internet is still around, despite numerous deficiencies in reliability and capacity.

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What can buying a fiber-ready home do for you?

By: Jim Beaugez on Apr 16, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Home buyers and sellers are seeing firsthand how having a fiber internet connection can make their homes more desirable. On average, fiber adds 3.1 percent to a home’s value. That’s just for having a fiber-optic line wired to the house.

The reason? Because with a fiber connection, you have virtually limitless access to the internet, with lightning speed and freeway-wide bandwidth for streaming entertainment, real-time gaming, video conferencing and more.

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