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Get the most from your summer with fiber internet

By: Jim Beaugez on Jul 16, 2021 2:32:13 PM


Life doesn’t get much lazier than a long weekend in the dog days of summer. But it’s not chill for everything. While your calendar is empty and you’re splitting your time between the couch and the pool, your internet is doing the heavy lifting.

Think about it. Everyone in your home, streaming their own shows, movies and music and playing online games, is tapping into the same internet line, pushing it harder than your air conditioner in a late-July heatwave. And ultra-fast, reliable fiber internet is the only thing that will support it all without blinking.

Here’s how fiber internet can help you squeeze every drop of fun out of your summer.

Time to get busy livin’
Summer is the perfect time to let loose and dream big. While you’re thinking up the ultimate end-of-summer getaway, your kids are working on aspirations of their own, from going pro as a TikTok dancer to gaming for their fans on Twitch to becoming a YouTube influencer. A fiber connection is what links you all to the world faster than any other internet connection.

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Make it a movie night
Schedule a movie night with your family or friends and stream the night away on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or the streaming platform of your choice. Kick it up a notch with an entire franchise like Star Wars, Marvel Universe or Lord of the Rings. Or, set up the kids with a movie of their own while you binge your favorite shows. With fiber, you have the bandwidth to handle it all, all at once.

Family video chats
All the video chats you sat through when you were working and learning from home during the Covid pandemic have prepared you for this moment. Chat with family and friends on your preferred platform (Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc) thanks to symmetrical upload and download speeds—meaning your device sends and receives information at the same blazing-fast rates—that keep you from glitching out.

Home security while on vacation
It’s important for your internet to stay on even where you’re not at home. As the most reliable internet connection, fiber will continue to power your home security and connected appliances so you can not only monitor your home from afar, but also check security cameras and even adjust your thermostat.

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