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Understanding C Spire’s Replay feature

By: Jim Beaugez on Aug 22, 2019 11:28:00 AM

Q&A Replay resizeI’ve been a loyal customer of C Spire wireless for years and became a home TV and internet subscriber a few months ago, but I’m confused about the Replay TV and start over features. Will you explain how they work, and why I can’t use them on all my shows?

-S.W. in Ridgeland

Thanks for asking — these are two key features of C Spire TV. Let’s start with Replay TV. This feature allows viewers to watch most programs up to 72 hours after they air. But not all networks grant TV cable providers like C Spire the right to offer this feature. The TV Networks (ABC, TBS, ESPN, etc) tell C Spire whether we can record their content automatically and allow customers to view previously aired shows.

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And to take this a step further, even for a network that regularly allows for Replay TV content, there can be individual shows that the network says can’t be included.

Now let’s address the reason not all shows allow you to rewind to the beginning. Again, it’s about network permissions. Not all networks grant us the right to rewind programming and start over from the beginning. TV Networks tell cable providers which shows and channels can have this feature, and we simply enforce the rights that we are given.

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