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How to make Netflix safe for your kids

By: Jim Beaugez on Aug 8, 2023 3:30:00 PM


Streaming media has made an enormous number of movies and TV shows available to people of all ages at virtually any time. But, thankfully, major streaming platforms like Netflix have made it possible for parents to manage inappropriate content so their kids only see age-appropriate options.

Here are five steps to making your Netflix account family friendly.

Lock your profile
By default, Netflix profiles are wide open—meaning your kids can access any TV shows or movies through your account with just a few clicks of a remote—and we all know even the most popular series can have questionable content. By locking your profile with a PIN, though, you can not only limit their exposure to R-rated content suggestions on your profile, but also limit their scope to kid-friendly content only.

Create a separate profile for your kids
Now, give them profiles of their own. Netflix Kids profiles will only play TV shows and movies identified as suitable for kids. Under this type of account, users will not have direct access to account settings and will not be able to play games on the platform.

Set maturity levels
Netflix allows users to set maturity levels for content on individual profiles, which will prevent viewing of content deemed inappropriate for specific age ranges. Note: If you select a maturity rating that exceeds the level allowed for the Netflix Kids experience, then the Kids experience won't be applied to that profile. Also, you may need to refresh your app to make the updates live.

Disable autoplay previews
Say you’re scrolling through some evening viewing options, and you linger on a program while something offscreen catches your attention. In that span of time, a preview begins to play, and guess what? It’s not anything you want your kids to see. You can keep that from happening by disabling autoplay previews on your Netflix profile.

Block specific titles
The ability to block titles of movies or shows is handy for removing programs you’ve watched too many times from appearing in search results or suggestions. It’s also a great way to make sure nothing specific (and objectionable) slips through any of the other protections you’ve set.

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