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Watch: How fiber internet makes ‘The Matt Wyatt Show’ run smoothly

By: Jim Beaugez on Aug 8, 2022 11:50:00 AM


Listeners of The Matt Wyatt Show may not have noticed, but there have been times when the voice behind the microphone was almost too anxious to get through a segment. Trying to pull off a live radio show with unreliable internet service will do that.

“We used to have cable, and the biggest issue was when there was a disconnect,” says Matt, who played quarterback for the Mississippi State Bulldogs from 1996 to 1999. “I’d be mid-sentence, we’re in this big discussion about some ballgame, and it’s gone.”

These days, though, his show runs smoothly thanks to the C Spire Fiber connection that pipes a direct line of Gigabit internet into his home with 99.99 percent reliability. Uploading files for his podcast, which once took 45 minutes or longer, are now complete in a matter of seconds.

Fiber has changed life for his whole family, in fact; they no longer have to negotiate who can use the internet at what times. Their daughter can video chat with her voice coach while wife Annabeth streams a movie and Matt uploads his daily show for podcast listeners.

“We used to have to say, ‘Hey, I’m using the internet, you can’t do this,’ or ‘turn this off,’” says Annabeth, known to frequent listeners as “HQ” for her tenure as Ole Miss Homecoming Queen in 2000. “But now it’s seamless.”

Watch how fiber impacts a day in the life of the Wyatt household.

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