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Welcome to the fiberhood — now, what’s a fiberhood?

By: Jim Beaugez on Jun 12, 2024 9:32:25 AM


Many of us live in planned neighborhoods in our cities and towns across the southeastern U.S. That’s easy enough to grasp. But what’s a fiberhood?

The simple answer: Imagine your own neighborhood but with C Spire Fiber access, and voila! You’re now in a fiberhood, and your life is about to get a whole lot more fun and convenient.

Here are four things you might not know about C Spire fiberhoods.

Fiberhoods are community investments
Why does a wireless carrier become a fiber internet provider, too? We saw a need and realized fiber was the solution. In Mississippi, we’ve not only brought high-speed, broadband fiber internet access to cities like Jackson, Biloxi and Southaven, but also to college towns like Starkville and Oxford, and smaller communities like Quitman. We’ve also invested in Delta towns like Cleveland, where fiber is helping bridge the digital divide.

Where did we hide the wires?
Utility poles and the web of wires connecting them have been part of our landscape for well over a century. But is that the best way to get your internet? Not really. Leaving wires exposed to the elements can result in outages when the weather gets rough, or when someone decides to run down a pole. By burying our fiber underground, we can protect it from the elements — that keeps your internet up, and your neighborhood looking pretty sharp, too.

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How does a neighborhood become a fiberhood?
We have a multitude of methods for determining where we build our fiberhoods, and considering customer demand is a huge part (have we told you we’re customer inspired?). In fact, we launched our Fiber to the Home initiative back in 2014 with a crowd-sourcing campaign that gauged interest in various cities and towns in our footprint. That spirit lives on as we bring new fiber to customers in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.

Can any neighborhood be a fiberhood?
Eventually, perhaps. Due to a myriad of barriers, such as costs and time, not every neighborhood in our footprint is going to have access to C Spire Fiber. What makes them special is also what makes them exclusive. But have hope — we’re still busy building fiber infrastructure across the land, and your neighborhood could be next at becoming a fiberhood.

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