Success Story: William Carey University uses Cisco Webex for secure e-learning

By: C Spire on May 8, 2020 2:20:11 PM

When the COVID-19 pandemic sent schools searching for secure online learning tools, William Carey University was way ahead of the curve.

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5 ideas for creating great company culture with Microsoft Teams while working remotely

By: Christina Southern on Apr 20, 2020 11:36:47 AM

Let’s face it – there’s a shortage of fun in all our lives right now. Plus, feeling valued by our employers and connected to co-workers is more difficult as many of us are working from home. We looked around to find fun ideas for using Microsoft Teams videoconferencing tool for cultivating culture within a team that can’t be physically together. Here are our favorite 5 tips:

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What are the business benefits of Microsoft 365?

By: C Spire on Apr 14, 2020 4:23:04 PM

Note: Office 365 or O365 has been renamed Microsoft 365 as of April 2020.

One of the greatest advantages of Microsoft 365 is the ability to work from the office, at home or on-the-go, as long as there is an internet connection. But it’s much more than a remote tool - it can assist with growth and saving money. Let’s dig into what exactly Microsoft 365 is and explore its benefits to businesses.

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Beware of cyber criminals exploiting COVID-19 pandemic

By: C Spire on Apr 11, 2020 8:31:00 AM

Cyber criminals are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic for commercial gain using a variety of ransomware and phishing attacks. The CISA issued an activity alert titled COVID-19 Exploited by Malicious Cyber Actors. According to the alert, the most common threats include:

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Maintain a schedule and take breaks for a healthy work-life balance at home

By: C Spire on Mar 30, 2020 12:15:32 PM

Home is your space. A place for your family and friends. For relaxation and fun. But for the thousands across the country moving to remote positions, home is now also a place to be productive. As you are settling into your new work environment, here are six tips that will help you be productive and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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A Videoconferencing Guide: Tips for Working Remotely

By: C Spire on Mar 23, 2020 4:41:28 PM

Remote workforces across the U.S. are prepping for the many virtual meetings in their futures. Videoconferences can help bridge the distance gap with face-to-face team meetings, client pitches, webinars, broadcasting of events and workshops and much more.

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