Cisco study: Employees do not believe orgs are prepared for a hybrid work future

By: C Spire on Apr 28, 2022 8:04:44 PM

A new study from Cisco says hybrid work has helped improve employee well-being, work-life balance, and performance across the world. While organizations have benefited from higher employee productivity levels, the study also shows more needs to be done to build trust and an inclusive culture. 

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What is a phishing attack, and how do I spot one?

By: C Spire AuthorITy on Nov 22, 2021 1:45:00 PM

Phishing is an easy, cheap and effective defrauding method. Chances are high that you've dealt with phishing attempts. When cyber criminals us email to deceive people into downloading a piece of malicious software or providing personal or financial information, that's called phishing.

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3 tips for better cybersecurity during national awareness month

By: Doug Mays on Oct 6, 2021 3:32:00 PM

With the drastic increase in remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic over the past 18 months, organizations need to make daily, hourly, minute-by-minute efforts to protect their business IP, data and assets. And that means a strong security posture should be at the forefront of your IT strategy.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach or magic bullet to prevent intrusion, but by incorporating some sensible practices into your cybersecurity approach, you can build a framework for protecting your organization’s assets.
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Cisco study proves top strategies for strong healthcare security

By: Marlon Harvey, Cisco on May 4, 2021 12:55:00 PM

The year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges and opportunity for healthcare organizations as they looked to secure their patients, clinicians, care teams, endpoints and data.

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C Spire Business wins Cisco Commercial Scale Partner of the Year

By: C Spire on Nov 2, 2020 9:25:39 AM

The C Spire Business team works hard, and we're excited to announce that we've earned another award from global tech giant Cisco to prove it.

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How has COVID-19 changed cyberthreats? Join this webinar to find out.

By: C Spire on Oct 15, 2020 4:43:58 PM

While you work to succeed and grow your business during the pandemic, cyberthreats are growing, as well. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the current climate to better mask their phishing and malware attacks on your critical data.

According to the FBI, attacks related to COVID-19 have increased 400 percent. A recent study shows that 53 percent of U.S. industrial enterprises have seen an increase in cybersecurity threats since onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

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