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By: Christina Southern on Jan 14, 2020 9:52:00 AM

You’re stuck. Your internet provider can’t deliver on its promise of a fast, reliable connection. And that seems to be the norm with most of the internet companies in your area. Plus, the thought of switching to a new internet company is exhausting. Because it’s never smooth, and it's never stress-free.

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So, you’re stuck with poor service, choppy internet, and no hope for improvement. What’s the solution?

For Mary Mills of Madison County and Bruce Smith of Jones County and thousands of other Mississippi residents, C Spire’s customer-inspired approach to home internet made all the difference. Mary and her family were plagued with outages and slow internet. And Bruce wanted to make a switch, but he put it off because he expected a terrible experience.

They both took a leap of faith with C Spire, and now they are true C Spire Fiber Internet fans. In fact, they jumped at the chance to share their personal C Spire Fiber Internet reviews with you.


C Spire Fiber Internet

With speeds up to 1Gbps, C Spire Fiber Internet gives you wide-open bandwidth for unlimited streaming, ultra-fast downloads and more on every device in your home. Better still, C Spire fiber comes with free on-time installation and has a flat rate each month, so you won’t deal with surprise charges. All of this is backed by over 99.9% reliability and local support.

  • Download huge files in seconds
  • Stream unlimited entertainment
  • Enjoy lag-free online gaming

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Your home. Our inspiration. C Spire Home is a home services provider offering customer inspired products such as lightning-fast gigabit fiber internet, streaming TV and unlimited home phone, all backed by over 99.9% reliability and award-winning 24/7 customer support. We’re committed to providing services that improve your home life and keep you connected to what matters.

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