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Fiber is the most reliable internet—here’s why

By: Jim Beaugez on Mar 22, 2024 11:35:30 AM


Owing to their strength and efficiency, fiber optic lines are the most reliable source of high-speed internet. When compared to traditional cable and DSL, it’s not even a close contest. Let’s look at what worry-free internet really looks like.

Always on
Fiber internet, in most cases, is the only kind of internet that’s always on, beaming across miles and miles of lines at the speed of light. We go a step further in the reliability game by keeping our fiber safe from weather-related outages, burying it underground all the way from the source to your home instead of stringing it along utility poles.

Free from interference
Electromagnetic signals or radio interference can have a big impact on copper, reducing signal strength. Indoor and outdoor radio signals near the copper cables can interfere and induce noise. Fiber, however, is more insulated against outside interference, making its signal much more secure. Add WiFi to the mix to eliminate dead spots and get the same reliable connection through the home.

What can fiber do for your home?

Long-lasting fiber
Fiber lines can withstand between 100 and 200 pounds of pressure, while copper can only hold up to 25 pounds. Also, copper is much more likely to break down over time because it is exposed to the heat of its electrical current. (We also bury fiber underground, protecting it from the elements so pressure is rarely an issue, unlike that of copper, which is strung along polls and subject to the weather and accidents.) 

Having ultra-reliable internet allows users to “set it and forget it” while streaming, downloading, gaming and running an entire smart home without a hiccup.

Ready for high-speed internet with 99.99% uptime? Check for fiber availability in your neighborhood.

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