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Three ways fiber internet gives us back more of what matters

By: Jim Beaugez on Apr 20, 2023 8:15:23 AM


Let’s start with a riddle. Out of all the precious and natural resources on Earth, only one of them is both abundant and scarce at the same time. It’s non-renewable, so you can’t make more of it. And no matter how far you dig, you’ll never find any to spare.

Give up? It’s time—the single most valuable resource we have.

Here are three ways fiber internet respects your time.

Internet speed
The speed of your internet connection is the most obvious way fiber conserves your time. Fiber internet is capable of speeds far exceeding what cable or other sources can provide. A Gigabit fiber connection can download a two-hour HD movie in about 40 seconds, compared to a typical cable connection of seven minutes. Everything is faster, from simple browsing to streaming and more.

Symmetrical speed
Most internet providers (including fiber) will deliver an upload speed that’s much lower than the download speed. On a video call, for example, that could result in annoying lag time between someone speaking and them hearing your response. If you’re a gamer, it could mean life or death—of your character, anyway—by not giving you the quick response time needed to see your opponent before they see you.

When the internet is down, everything grinds to a halt—for hours, possibly even days. Being able to rely on your internet connection not only allows you to avoid the biggest time suck of all; it also saves you from the hassle of pivoting your schedule during downtime, not to mention the time you’ll spend dealing with your provider’s customer service reps. Fiber internet, especially when it’s buried, gives you so much more reliability over cable.

Check to see if fiber internet is available at your address.

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