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Yes, fiber internet can even save you money

By: Jim Beaugez on May 10, 2024 10:49:06 AM


Consumers today have their pick of home internet flavors.

If you want cheap and slow, then old-school DSL is for you. If you’ve toyed with streaming media but haven’t fully jumped into the present day, maybe you’d be inclined to choose coax cable. Fixed wireless will get you closer, but lacks in reliability, latency and more.

The only way, then, to truly experience all the possibilities of the internet — endless streaming of high-quality movies, TV and music, low-latency online gaming, and bandwidth to handle the biggest family reunion — is with future-proof, high-bandwidth fiber.

And there’s more: Cost-conscious consumers will appreciate how fiber internet can also help them save money.

Lower energy consumption
Fiber optic networks require less energy to operate compared to traditional copper-based networks. Over time, this results in potential cost savings through lower home energy bills.

Strength is fiber’s strength
Fiber optics are much stronger than coaxial cable and DSL, which rely on relatively delicate copper wires to transmit internet signals. That means fiber will last longer and require little maintenance, resulting in potential savings over the long run.

Simplify your life
Fiber internet’s faster speeds will allow you to streamline your home entertainment on your internet connection. No more subscriptions to cable or satellite TV, and all the remote controls that come with them. No more landline phone. Fiber can handle it all.

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Get more done
Faster and more reliable internet connectivity provided by fiber networks can increase productivity. Faster upload and download speeds can save time when transferring large files or accessing cloud-based applications, giving you the gift of efficiency.

Future proofing
Investing in fiber internet can help future-proof your connectivity needs. As more bandwidth-intensive applications and services become available, you’ll be well equipped to take advantage of advancements without the need for costly upgrades in the future.

Take advantage of these benefits and more and save money by switching to fiber internet for your home connectivity needs.

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