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By: C Spire Staff on Aug 15, 2019, 9:32:43 AM

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Technology connects families separated by thousands of miles. It dramatically advances the healthcare industry with mind-boggling high-tech procedures (think remote surgeries by specialists) and significantly reduces medical mistakes. We live safer, more organized, and highly informed lives because of technology. 

With these advancements brings an immense need for a well-equipped technical workforce. However, the depth of this demand is not reflected in most Mississippi high schools.

Computing jobs are the number one source of new wages in the U.S., yet only 18% of Mississippi public high schools teach computer science. In fact, reports that Mississippi only graduates about 200 computer science students annually even though there are more than 1,000 open computing jobs in the state.

Facing the Problem. Taking the Initiative.

TechMovement_Blog_Graphic CalloutC Spire is committed to advancing technology throughout the state of Mississippi by investing in the lives of our young people. Through C Spire’s Tech Movement initiative, we’re working with the community, educators, and business leaders to expand computer science education and introduce students to the incredible things they can accomplish through it. Some of our initiatives include:

Software Development Pathway – This groundbreaking program addresses the severe shortage of software programmers throughout Mississippi. High school graduates receive extensive and expedited training so they can join the workforce within a year of high school graduation. Learn more.

[Join the C Spire TechMVMT]

C3 Coding Challenges – Mississippi’s high school students are given the opportunity to earn college scholarships and learn coding through our state-wide competition. Learn more.

BaseCamp Coding Academy – We're a founding sponsor of this visionary and intensive 12-month software development program, which provides students with a quality coding education at no cost and has already led to exciting careers at leading tech companies for several graduates. Learn more.

Tech MVMT Wireless blog 1 image3Interactive Robotics Experiences – C Spire’s Pepper, a four-foot tall humanoid robot, regularly tours Mississippi schools, sparking lots of oohs, aahhs, and general wonderment. The robot has a body and arms that move in 17 directions and a head filled with sensors and doe-like eyes accented by lights and can tell if a person is happy or sad and detect by the tone of their voice if there’s a problem. Watch a video of Pepper.

Advocating with leaders and educators: We’re going the extra mile by talking face-to-face with school leaders throughout the state. Recently, we spoke with a group of Mississippi superintendents of education at the annual MASS convention in Biloxi. C Spire, together with Apple and MSU, shared the importance of computer science education for all students, as well as providing hands-on coding activities. Multiple educators also talked about how they have been able to successfully incorporate computer science into their districts. View the photo gallery.

You Can Help.

We need your voice in order to make a change in Mississippi schools. You can help us make a difference in the lives of future technology leaders. Join us and learn how you can help bring computer science education to Mississippi schools. Learn more here.


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